Stage 1:

Stage 1: Design allows us to kickstart your product journey via research and ideation sessions. We answer important questions to help you gain clarity into your problem and idea. 

You will also get a better understanding of the timelines, costs and resources needed to build your solution, providing you a plan for Stage 2: Prototype and Stage 3: Manufacture.

Stage 1: Design consists of:

- Problem analysis

- Clarification of task/idea including specifications

- Use cases

- Alternatives/ Competitor Analysis

- Conceptual design (Form and Function)

- Certification requirements, if any

- Possible manufacturing partners, if any

- Budgets and lead-time 

- Insights into our approach

- Any additional support we can provide

Clients have used these information in various ways:

- Create business plans and win investments

- Get buy-in from management

- Get more accurate quotes from other design and development firms

This is a fixed cost assignment and lasts for about 2 weeks.