Our Services

Our process is broken down into 3 main stages. We use this to make sure that we are providing you with the right solution at the right prices. The 3-stage process helps to ensure all future activities are aligned and easy to execute with minimal delays. This results in a much quicker assignment and higher Return on Investment. 

Stage 1: Design

Stage 1: Design allows us to kickstart your product design journey via research and ideation. We answer important questions to help you gain clarity into your problem and idea. ​​

You can use this information to:

- Gain a better understanding of the product design journey

- Create business plans and win investments

- Get buy-in from management

This is a fixed price - fixed timeline assignment designed to make it easy to get started.


Stage 2: Prototype

Stage 2: Prototype is where your product first starts coming together. In this stage, we work out the design and engineering details, test assumptions and build prototypes. 

This is where a bulk of project time is spent. We iterate and improve to build a Minimum Viable Product.

Stage 2: Prototype consists of:

- Building rigs to test assumptions

- Building prototypes - foam models, mechanics and electronics

- Drawings and renders

- Finalised Bill of Materials

- Small batch manufacture (for market/technical testing)

Stage 3: Manufacture

Stage 3: Manufacture is where we work with you and our partners all across the world to build your product. We'll implement production and quality control plans, even assisting with packaging and logistics. 

Our clients appreciate our convenient, fuss-free and affordable manufacturing solutions. 

What Our Clients Say

VP of Engineering, Medtech Startup, Singapore

"mēkā single-handedly took our concepts and turned them into exciting prototypes by using forward-thinking design strategies and just in time