Ultra with Aarni PMS

The Product:

The Minifactory Ultra with Aarni Process Monitoring System is an industrial-grade 3D Printer that provides 3D Printing with a wide variety of industrial-grade polymers. With a build plate of 330x180 x 180mm, extruders capable of reaching up to 470˚C and a heated chamber that reaches up to 250˚C, the Minifactory Ultra is a dream tool for professionals. High precision AC Servo motors and lead screws also enable high-quality 3D Printing. 


- 3D Print with a wide range of industrial-grade materials - ULTEM, PEKK, PPSU, PA-Carbon, PEEK and others

- Process Monitoring System enables easy troubleshooting and batch monitoring

- Active-carbon filter keeps the air clean in the external environment

Who is it designed for?:

For professionals in industrial settings - Precision Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and related fields. The Minifactory Ultra has been used to build functional prototypes, tooling and even end use parts. With it's wide array of sensors and process monitoring system, the Minifactory Ultra is also great for materials development. 

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Download the Minifactory Ultra Specifications Sheet

Minifactory ultra samples.jpg