EasyPeel Build Plate Upgrades

easy peel build plate upgrades by meka 3

The Product:

The FlashForge Dreamer and FlashForge Creator Pro 3D Printers had very similar build plates but they were not removable. This resulted in immense difficulty removing 3D Prints and sometimes resulted in injuries (getting stabbed with a penknife or scratched by a scrapper was fairly common).  We wanted to design a solution that would make removing prints easier so that even our against users could do it by themselves. 

What we did:

- Mechanical design

- Stainless Steel fabrication

- Small-run manufacturing

What we learnt:

Quality assurance and quality control is a continuous process - quality of product supplied can be affected by any number of things. It's important to keep vigilant and continuously test raw supplies as they come in. 

Contact us at contact@meka3dp.com to find out more.