Distribution, Sales
and Rental

Through our e-commerce platform, the 3D Printing Materials Store, Meka 3D Printing Pte Ltd (mēkā) has been providing distribution, retail and rental services to our clients. 

The 3D Printing Materials Store was started in 2015, housing one of the largest collect of materials in Asia. We have now grown into providing 3D Printers, 3D Scanners and various other solutions for 3D Printing. 

In 2014, we acquired distributorship of Flashforge 3D Printers in Singapore by taking over the business of Drawer Plans Pte Ltd. This allowed us to grow our distributor business too. 

Since early 2018, we have been renting out Flashforge 3D Printers to clients who needed a seasonal boost in production. From prototyping houses to educational institutions and events companies, we have seen many clients rent Flashforge 3D Printers to help in their work. 

Brands we carry

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