Careers at mēkā 

A career with mēkā is a path forged by you. We are looking for independent, entrepreneurial individuals with a growth mindset to join our team and help us solve problems. 

Whether you are looking for an internship, entry-level opportunities or a mid-career switch, we are happy to support your growth and development. 

Business Development Manager

The Business Development Manager is the bridge between present clients, future clients and the team at mēkā.

Mechatronics Engineers

The Mechatronics Engineer is our Macgyver. We will turn to you for solutions, prototypes and products to make life better.

Mechanical Engineers

The Mechanical Engineer is our foundation. We turn to you to ensure that prototypes are built, manufacturable and usable.


The intern is a bastion of fresh ideas for us. We will turn to you to keep our creative juices flowing.

Industrial Designer

The Industrial Designer makes sure we are on the right track with our products and designs.